Baba + Boo

Baba+Boo care about reducing the huge amount of waste that we create in this world.

Choose soft cloth nappies and organic clothing for your little one and join our tribe of parents doing their bit leave a nicer planet for our little ones.

Baba + Boo nappies are made from the softest fabric and are tested to ensure that they have no nasties in them. Many parents switch from single-use to reusables because their little one is suffering with nappy rash – and one that little bum is cushioned in cloth, then the problem is solved.

Eight million single-use nappies are thrown away each day in the UK alone. By using cloth nappies, you are not contributing to this huge amount of waste – and by washing your nappies you’re using far less water than is needed to manufacture the wood pulp and plastic that goes into a nappy.

And remember it is not all or nothing. Just using one cloth nappy a day saves 900 single-use nappies going to waste.

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